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YouLead implementation guide in Magento 1.9 store

The standard implementation of the YouLead system in the Magento 2.x store consists in installing the plugin and its correct configuration. The plugin does the following:

Installing YouLead plugin in the store

At https://marketplace.magento.com, search and buy the YouLead plugin

After completing the purchase, click the install button

Then copy the Access Key If Access Key is not generated, you must manually generate by clicking the Create A New Access Key button.

After logging in to shop administration panel, go to the System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager tab

In the Install New Extensions section, paste the previously copied link and click the Install button

Then click Proceed button to continue the installation

After successful installation, the following screen will appear:

The installed plug-in will appear in the System -> Configuration tab. Complete the plug configuration with data attached to this manual and set the Enabled field to Yes.

Tracking code installation

The tracking code contains the customer ID given by YouLead administrator. It is added on each subpage of the website directly before the </body> tag

Tracking the registration form

Tracking the registration form is handled by the /Command/Contact/FillForm from the server Api. They are sent to YouLead :

  • ylid and sessionId cookie data
  • website address
  • form name: form-validate
  • data from the form (name, surname, email)

Customer data editing form tracking

Tracking the data editing form is carried out similary to tracking the registration form using the /Command/Contact/FillForm method.

Tracking the subscription to the newsletter

Tracking the subscription to the newsletter is carried out in a similar way to tracking the registration form using the /Command/Contact/FillForm method. YouLead is sent the e-mail address provided when completing the form.

Product viewing tracking

Each time the product page is accessed, the product function is called with the JavaScript API, which passes the product ID in the call.

Cart tracking

After each change in the basket, a function is called that sends the entire contents of the basket together with a link to save the basket.

Purchase tracking

The checkout is passed to the system by calling the purchase function from the JavaScript API.

Shopping cart

When uploading the cart contents to the system, a cart recovery link is also sent that contains information about the current cart.

Updated on 12 February 2021

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